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You will be warmly greeted by our friendly and attentive dental staff: Sally, Shannon and Lynn. They will have confirmed your dental benefits and have the necessary insurance forms prepared. Health history, exam and x-rays will be completed to evaluate your personal needs. The doctor will then listen to your concerns and interests.


Cleanings, x-rays, examiniations, and oral cancer screening.


This treatment is completed for patients with periodontal disease, pyorrhea, that require more extensive attention to improved oral health. Periodontal disease affects the tissue and bone around the teeth making it more difficult for patients to maintain a healthy oral environment. Three month exams and cleanings are of utmost importance for patients who have a hard time with their oral care.


These appliances are used for patients that grind or clinch their teeth at night or have jaw joint soreness. If patients wake up with headaches or jaw muscle tenderness they may be candidates for a night guard. Night guards are used to relax the muscles and protect the teeth from wearing and fracturing. A night guard will also help illuminate the jaw joint soreness by relaxing the muscles of the jaw.


Dental implants are titanium cylinders that replace missing teeth. The implants are placed in the jaw bone. After a three month healing period, a permanent cap is place on top of the implant. Most of the time, placement of the implant and the crown can all be done in our office. X-rays and an oral evaluation are required in order to determine if you will are good candidate for implants.


A crown or cap is placed on a tooth that is severely broken down, root canal treated, or poorly positioned. The crown will be shaped to fit exactly to your tooth. When teeth have large fillings or root canals they become brittle. A crown strengthens and reinforces your tooth. Usually, two appointments are required to complete a crown.

Bridge work is when multiple crowns are used to replace missing teeth. They create a ‘bridge’ from one tooth to another. This is cemented over your teeth and is not removable.


Establishing good dental habits early is critical to long term health. We like to start seeing children by the age of three, when all baby teeth are in place. Children three and under do not have a large vocabulary. They learn by seeing and hearing. When possible, we like them to sit in on their parents visits. This way they become more comfortable with what to expect.

IMPORTANT:If a child experiences a trauma to the mouth it is very important that you seek an evaluation within one hour. If a permanent tooth is repositioned in a timely manner it can be saved.


It is very important to wear a mouth guard while competing in contact sports. We have a variety of colors to students for school pride. Even young athletes who compete in contact sports , such as soccer basketball, football, field hockey, hockey, rugby and lacrosse, to mention a few, should wear a mouth guard.



Porcelain- created by the laboratory

Composite- done in office the same day


Don’t want to go through braces? Closing up the spaces or straightening crooked teeth can sometimes be accomplished, by adding a little bit of white filling material. A consultation would be required in order to determine if you are a good candidate.


Bleaching trays made specifically for your mouth, in the office, are made for the top and bottom jaws. A gel is placed in the trays and worn a few hours a day for thirty days. Patients will start to notice a color change by the second week. Professional bleaching lasts longer and is more effective than the drug store variety.


Fillings are indicated to replace eroded tooth structure caused by decay or breakage. It is very important that a cavity is filled in a timely manner. Both silver and white fillings are offered.


This procedure is indicated when a tooth has a big hole, is causing patient discomfort, or has been traumatized. Profound numbness makes this a routine and comfortable procedure, usually taking one hour. A root canal procedure allows you to save your teeth. In the long run, saving your teeth will keep you from requiring more expensive procedures.

Root Canal


Complete dentures: Are for people with NO teeth. A plate is made to replace all missing teeth so you can chew and smile. These are only worn during the day and must be taken out at night.

We do offer implant supported dentures to help keep the denture in place. A consultation will be required to determine if your bone is strong enough and what type of implants you are a candidate for.

Removable partial dentures

Removable partial dentures are made when a person is missing only some of their teeth. They are made with metal and plastic. They are held in place by the remaining teeth.


Both simple and difficult extractions (including wisdom teeth) are done in our office.


Emergencies can happen to any of us, at any time of the day. The experienced dentists are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week, including holidays. We are here to help you so you won’t have to go that extra day in discomfort.