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Many people struggle with intense grinding or clenching of their teeth throughout the day, and particularly throughout the night as they sleep. Extreme grinding of the teeth can potentially lead to Bruxism, which means that a person grinds their teeth so much that they flatten their teeth to the point of nerve exposure. This can become a very painful experience over time, and ultimately lead to surgery that requires either crowns/bridges, dental implants or dental veneers.


Benefits of using Custom Night Guards:

  • Improve Breathing
  • Reduce tension in jaw muscles
  • Stop grinding your teeth when you sleep
  • Reduce chipping and loosening of your teeth


One of the best solutions to try and prevent Bruxism is to make using a night guard part of your regular daily routine. Mouth night guards help relax the muscles and protect your teeth from and wear and tear. Night guards also help prevent jaw joint soreness by keeping your jaw in perfect alignment so your muscles can relax as you sleep.


To find out more information about night guards and how to prevent Bruxism, check out Kriwinsky Family Dental Care. We even offer sports mouthguards. Our staff is more than happy to help provide you with the tools you need to give your smile that healthy glow again. Don’t miss out on all that your local Cleveland dentist can do for your smile. Call us at (216) 382-2121 now to schedule your next appointment.