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Finding the right Cleveland dental clinic to help fix or provide you with the right crown or bridge can be a daunting task. Let Kriwinsky Family Dental Care, your local Cleveland dentist, give you your smile back.


Benefits of Dental Crowns and Bridges:

  • Helps fill the gap for missing teeth and regain your smile
  • Rebuild your ability to prorperly chew and speak
  • Prevent other teeth from shifting out of place

When you receive a root canal, your teeth can easily become brittle or weak. By adding a crown on top of your filling or root canal, you can reinforce your tooth while maintaining your smile. Crowns are generally made of metal and porcelain and can be used to help reshape a tooth or improve your overall smile.


A bridge is when several crowns are used to take the place of missing teeth. A ‘bridge’ is created from one crown to another by cementing your crowns in place. This is a permanent process and is not removeable.


Let our experienced and fully licensed dentists help you get your smile back, and give you the confidence you have been looking for. Kriwinsky Family Dental Care is the leading dentist in Cleveland, Ohio. Call us at (216) 382-2121 now to schedule an appointment.