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Finding the right dentist to help you and your family maintain proper oral health care can be a struggle. Kriwinsky Family Dental Care wants to help provide you and your family with the dental care you deserve. Our excellent staff are more than happy to help answer all your questions as well as help you schedule your next appointment.


Benefits of having Preventive Dental Care:

  • Help reduces the presence of harmful oral bacteria
  • Regular dental cleanings help eradicate tartar and plaque from your gums
  • Helps prevent potential cancerous tumors or lumps in the oral tissues


Neglecting the care of your smile is one of the worst things you can do for your oral health, and can lead to diseases like gingivitis or periodontal disease. It has also been stressed that poor dental care can lead to things like heart disease and diabetes. Be sure to call the leading preventive dentists at Kriwinsky Family Dental Care today. You can contact our office by calling (216) 382-2121 today.