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Looking to find the right dental implants provider to give your smile that healthy glow again? Look no further than Kriwinsky Family Dental Care. We are the leading Cleveland dental clinic. Dental implants are some of the newest wave of options available for those looking to reclaim their smile once again. Originally, bridgework, dentures and partial dentures were the only options available to help those replace missing teeth.


Benefits of Dental Implants service:

  • Built to last long term
  • Retail your nature smile and face shape
  • The ability to chew and speak without having to remove your teeth

Dental implants are a more aesthetic and practical option for those looking to gain their confidence back. The nice thing about dental implants is they don’t rely on surrounding teeth for support like bridgework making them fully functional. The implants are placed right into your jaw and slowly fuse into your jawbone allowing them to function as actual teeth. After the initial implant surgery, there is usually about a three month healing process until a permanent cap is placed on the implant.


We strive to have the majority of the work done right here in our office, so there is no need to be running around from place to place. Bring yourself, and a smile. Oral evaluations and X-rays will be done in order to see if you’re a proper candidate for implant surgery.


Don’t get bogged down with the hassle of implants, make an appointment to see the most trusted and experienced dentist in Cleveland, Ohio : Kriwinsky Family Dental Care. Call us today at (216) 382-2121 to schedule your appointment.